What is the best nightstand height?

Find the perfect nightstand height with this easy to follow guide.

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What is the best nightstand height? This is often a question that’s forgotten about until it’s too late; leaving you with an out-of-place nightstand, not understanding why. The height of your nightstands not only determine how the space looks, but also how comfortable and practical it is to use.

In this article, we explore the key considerations when choosing your height, the recommended dimensions and how to find the right size, as well as frequently asked questions.

How tall should a nightstand be?

Your nightstand should be level with, or slightly taller than, the top of your mattress. This height will give you the best comfort, style, and access to your nightstand.

If you’ve fallen in love and found your perfect nightstand, but it’s an inch or two lower than the top of the mattress, don’t worry. A couple of inches below the top of the mattress will still give you good function and form. Try to avoid choosing a bedside table that’s too low, as it can be more difficult to reach from the bed, and may make your bed look bigger, or the nightstand look too small.

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How to find the best nightstand height

To find the perfect height, measure from the floor to the top of the mattress and make a note of this measurement. This is the minimum height. Add 3 inches to the first measurement, this is the maximum nightstand height. Use these two measurements to find your perfect nightstand with a practical height, that looks great.

You can go an inch or two lower than the mattress height, but we’d recommend keeping the nightstand and mattress height the same, or even going a few inches higher

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Other nightstand dimensions

Besides the height, the nightstand width and depth are equally important. While these dimensions fall down to personal preference, there are a few key considerations to pay close attention to.

When it comes to the width of the nightstand, we’re looking to find a sweet spot where it fills the gap nicely without being too hard to reach. If you share a bed with someone and are looking to buy a matching pair of nightstands, keep in mind your partner’s reach may differ to yours.

For the depth, we’re looking to find a depth that is able to fulfil its purpose (e.g. deep enough drawers to fit your belongings, or deep enough to fit your lamp, but isn’t too intrusive when getting in and out of bed.

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Whilst there is an ideal height for your night tables, different spaces may require unique solutions, and you’ll want to play around with sizing to find the best results.

Firstly, how much space do you have? The amount of spare room you have will determine what height and size nightstand you choose. Smaller spaces benefit from floating shelves to save space. For larger areas, you can accommodate nightstands with the recommended height.

Let’s not forget another key factor, the nightstand’s use. If you keep your go-to items like reading glasses and medication in your drawers, having a slightly taller night table is a great option to keep them easily accessible.

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What is the most common nightstand height?

The average height is 24-28″, and the average mattress height is around 25″. Whilst we know it’s tempting to pull the trigger the moment you spot your newest addition to the bedroom, we’d always recommend meaursing first. As bed frames and mattresses vary in height, you could end up with a nightstand that’s too high or too low.

Should a nightstand be higher or lower than your bed?

Ideally you’ll want the nightstand height to be similar to the height of the mattress, A few inches either way will still work, but a slightly higher nightstand is preferred than a lower height.

How far from the bed should the nightstand be?

A gap of a few inches between the bed and the nightstand is common. Allow enough room between the bed and the nightstand to prevent any midnight bumps, whilst still being comfortable to reach. We’d reccomend anywhere from 2–6 inches. Play around and find a spot that looks good, and is practical.

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