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Most people assume that you need an abundance of space in your home to accommodate a dressing table. We’re here to dispel this myth.

With clever space-saving tips and just a small amount of spare space, there are a great deal of dressing table ideas for small spaces to take advantage of.

Dressing table ideas for small spaces

Lean into a sloped ceiling

Neutral colored dressing table with abstract mirror and wool stool
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Sloped ceilings are often seen as an interior design hurdle due to their awkward height limitations.

However, with a little creativity, this once inconvenient space can be transformed into a functional, small dressing table area.

A key benefit of dressing tables is the lack of headroom required. This makes it an ideal way to utilize the limited space that comes with a sloped ceiling.

Typically, round mirrors would be the ideal pairing for a dressing table, however for sloped ceilings we recommend abstract mirrors.

Get creative with nightstands

Rattan dressing table next to a bed as a nightstand with large mirror on top
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Combining your nightstand and dressing table is one of our favorite space-saving dressing table ideas.

Whether you’re working with a generous amount of room or a tiny nook beside your bed, you’ll find a huge variety of narrow dressing tables to fit the bill.

We’d recommend measuring your mattress height to ensure your ideal dressing table’s height works well for both functions. Follow this up by working out your ideal nightstand height to find a piece that fits both needs.

Make the most of narrow nooks

Similarly to sloped ceilings, narrow nooks can feel like an impossible, redundant space to fill. The reality is, that this handy space makes the ideal location for a narrow all-in-one dressing table.

If you’re looking for something simple yet functional, there are heaps of dressing table styles with built-in mirrors.

Having desk space, storage, and mirrors all in one makes it the ideal choice for a low-effort and easy-to-install dressing table.

Make it multi-functional

With remote working becoming the norm, combining a dressing table function with a home office has become increasingly popular.

A-frame desks make for a brilliant dressing table alternative with handy storage drawers and shelves to utilize wall space.

This simple option allows for storage for both beauty products and working accessories in separate areas.

By using a portable mirror, this can be stored away and enables the desk space to be fully functional as a home office.

Combine jewelry storage

White floating dressing table with large mirror and black rattan chair
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When it comes to dressing table ideas for small spaces, integrated storage is a no-brainer.

Incorporating your storage as part of your furniture is a simple way to keep your dressing area minimal and clutter-free.

When working with a super-small space, we’d recommend a floating dressing table with integrated storage to maximize the small surface area you have to work with.

Make use of a narrow console

Wooden console unit with a large black mirror on top
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If you’re working with a small apartment or tiny home, it’s easy to become disheartened and feel like a dressing area isn’t an option at all.

However, this handy dressing table alternative proves otherwise.

Now, we know a console isn’t technically a dressing table, however being narrower in size, it’s a great alternative option.

Pair your console with a wall-mounted mirror to maximize your vanity area and create a small yet effective dressing area.

Repurpose a small set of drawers

If you’re looking for an ultra-small dressing table idea then this is the perfect option.

Transform a small chest of drawers into a mini dressing table with convenient storage for all your beauty essentials.

This playful option can be incorporated into any small space, making it the ideal solution for those of us working with extra small rooms.

Make use of overlooked spaces

Wooden dressing table with a round mirror on the wall
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Take a look around your home, and you’ll likely find a handful of unused space behind doors.

While placing it behind an interior door may seem like an obvious choice for dressing table ideas for small spaces; this option is an often forgotten area.

For rooms that are on the smaller side, ottoman stalls are the perfect companion for your dressing table.

Not only do neatly tuck away when not in use, but they also provide a handy storage solution for any beauty electricals and accessories.

Utilize spare wall space

Minimal dressing table with a mirror and chair
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Making the most of wall space is an effortless way to incorporate a minimal dressing table in seemingly impossible areas.

Similarly to a floating shelf, it needs very little floor space and can be incorporated into any room in the home.

Simply combine a basic floating shelf, two narrow desk legs, and a chair to achieve a minimal small dressing table alternative.

While this option doesn’t come with an abundance of storage, it’s a great solution for achieving a basic vanity setup in a tiny home.

Install a floating shelf dressing table

This final dressing table idea for small spaces is ideal for bridging any awkward unused gaps in the home.

Whether you’re working with a bedroom corner or spare living room space, a floating dressing table is the most versatile option.

By removing the need to accommodate dressing table legs, this option can be paired in any tiny area with enough space to home your chosen floating dresser size and basic stool or chair.

Space-saving dressing table ideas

Opt for stools instead of chairs

If you’re looking to save as much space as possible, opting for a stool instead of a chair is the way to go. With a much smaller footprint, they can be easily tucked underneath the dressing table when not in use.

Dressing table with drawers

It may seem fairly obvious but dressing tables with integrated drawers are a must for anyone looking to save space. Although they’re not any smaller than those without, you’ll get the benefit of a couple of extra drawers to store your makeup and other bulky items.

Shallow dressing tables

When floor space is limited, go for a dressing table with a shallower depth and pair it with a stool to retain as much floor space as possible. When looking at dressing table ideas for small spaces, options such as using a console are one of the most effective options that are often overlooked.


To avoid multiple pieces of furniture taking up space, combine your furniture’s purpose where possible. Home office desks combined with dressing tables are a prime example of how you can introduce a multipurpose piece of furniture that’s both budget-friendly and space-saving.

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