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Finding the ideal art size above a king bed can feel like an impossible task. From the width of the artwork to the bedroom ceiling height, there are many factors to consider that can ultimately make or break the final look of the room.

Whether you’re looking for gallery wall tips or simply want the best dimensions for 1 print, we’ve collated everything you need to know to find the ideal art size above a king bed.

Choosing the correct width

The average width of a king size bed is 80 inches wide, and although many recommendations mention rules of thumb, we think that personalizing your art width based on the number of pieces achieves the best design outcome.

1 piece of art

Width measurements for 1 piece of art above king bed

For 1 art piece above your bed, opt for a larger print size between 48″ – 62″. This ensures the art is large enough to be a statement piece in the room, without being too large or feeling imbalanced with your king size bed.

Remember to include any art bordering within this measurement so that your artwork frame is within the 48″-62″ size range.

2 pieces of art

Width measurements for 2 pieces of art above king bed

When hanging 2 art pieces above a king size bed, stick to artwork that is 24-26 inches wide. This provides ample room for spacing between each piece while ensuring the art feels cohesive.

Selecting two pieces creates a sense of harmony and symmetry within your room. Opt for identical or similar style prints to keep your artwork feeling balanced.

3 pieces of art

Width measurements for 3 pieces of art above king bed

Hanging 3 pieces of art above a king size bed can be challenging, however, we’ve simplified it into two key factors. Go for artwork 24- 26 inches wide per piece to prevent the art from feeling crowded while also still feeling like a collective feature in the room.

Spacing between each piece also plays a crucial role. To achieve the best layout keep 4 – 6 inches between your artwork frames.

Gallery wall

Tips for gallery wall spacing above king bed

Gallery walls give much more free rein, allowing you to play around with various sizes and orientations to find the right ones for you. For the smallest frame size we recommend 8” x 10” and for largest 16” x 20”

To plan this, try using non-marking wall tape and cut paper into the relevant sizes to preview it. This way you can preview your chosen design before taking the plunge and hanging your artwork.

What are the ideal art sizes above a king bed?

Layouts for art above king size bed

Once you’ve decided on how many art pieces you want to hang, take the recommended width size and browse the various artwork sizes. We’ve shared the most popular art sizes below to get you started.

Most popular art sizes

  • 24” x 20”
  • 24” x 18”
  • 48” x 36”
  • 60” x 48”

Rules for hanging artwork above king size bed

Rules for hanging art above a king size bed

Before making any decisions with artwork measure the space between your ceiling and your headboard. Then ensure that the artwork size will leave 18” between the ceiling and the art and 6” between the headboard and the art.

This is a crucial step that ensures the artwork is spaced evenly above your headboard without making the space feel unbalanced.


What is the most ideal art size above a king bed?

For the best art size, this will depend on the amount of prints. For 1 print between 48″ – 62″ is best, for 2 prints opt for 24-26 inches width, and for 3 prints stick to artwork 24- 26 inches wide.

How high to hang artwork above a king size bed?

When hanging art above a king size bed, keep a minimum of 6 inches between the headboard and artwork.

Do I need to center artwork above a bed?

Although you can be flexible with artwork size, we reccommend always centering artwork over your bed as it typically feels awkward and off-balanced with the room when not centered.

Alternatives to hanging art above a king size bed?

Artwork would certainly be our first choice for decor above a bed, however there are heaps of alternatives such as mirrors, lighting and tapestries.

What art is best for arched headboards and circle headboards?

With their curved nature, arched headboards can prove a little more challenging for pairing art work. We’d suggest playing around with various artwork shapes and sizes, and previewing your choices by marking up your wall. If you’re still feeling stumped with your choice, then consider the great alternatives to artwork.

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