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So the time has come for you to create your very own small man cave. It’s an exciting time. You’ve got a million ideas racing through your mind, but only a small space to make it work.

Luckily for you, there are plenty of small man cave ideas for you to incorporate into your new space.

Explore our list of 21 of the best small man cave ideas to help you get inspired and build a man cave you’ve always dreamt of.

The best small man cave ideas

Create an ultimate masculine bar

What small man cave would be complete without a bar? Add some stools to create the perfect space to sit with friends and enjoy a cold one.

If your small space can’t accommodate a bar, try a bar cart for a similar result while only using a fraction of the floor space.

Add beanbags for a chill out zone

Man caves are a place to get away. They’re for relaxing and socializing with friends.

Adding comfortable seating allows you and your guests to switch off and enjoy yourselves. Sofas, beanbags, armchairs, and barstools make the perfect man cave seating.

Inject some fun with a snooker table

Granted, a full-size pool table requires quite a bit of room. If your small man cave is big enough to fit a pool table or mini pool table, they’re a classic go-to for man caves.

Chanel your inner child with arcade games

Relive the good old days with nostalgic arcade games, like Pac-Man and Mortal Kombat.

These retro games are an amazing way to rediscover your inner child and relive your childhood from the comfort of your man cave.

Binge your favourite shows with a TV setup

Whether it’s for live sports, gaming, or just chilling out and watching a movie, every man cave needs to have a TV.

If you’ve got a tiny space, opt for a projector and screen that can easily be retracted to reveal a blank wall if you want a multi-functional wall for a dart board, bookshelf, or trophy cabinet.

Create a fun dart zone

For the sportsman who loves a bit of competition, hang a dart board in your man cave. You’ll get tons of enjoyment from only a small amount of room needed.

Dart boards take up a very small amount of wall space and as long as you have enough space for you to throw from around 8 feet, you’re good to go.

Introduce luxury with an indoor firepit

Add a firepit to give your space some warmth in the cooler months.

Whilst most man caves can accommodate a refreshing beer in the peak of summer, not many can serve as a cozy and warm space to enjoy a cup of coffee or cocoa in the winter.

Showcase your sneaker collection

Show off your collection by adding a sneaker wall to your man cave.

Sneaker walls are a great way to showcase your favorite sneakers, whilst also making use of blank walls to incorporate some decor.

Showcase your wins with a trophy cabinet

Man caves are as personal as it gets. They’re a room filled with personal items and your favorite things.

This makes them the perfect place to showcase your proudest achievements by incorporating a trophy cabinet into your space.

Go all in with a poker table

For those late nights with friends and possibly one drink too many, adding a poker table brings the casino to your man cave.

You can find folding poker tables that can be put to one side when not in use, or find multi-functional tables to give your space more use.

Get some practice with a putting green

For the golfers out there who are guilty of hitting a few drives before playing 18 but don’t leave time for putting, this one’s for you.

Practice your putts from the comfort of your own man cave and say goodbye to triple bogeys.

Go full swing with a golf simulator

A golf simulator with a pile of golf balls, golf shoes and a golf bag.
Credit: jlynn_design

If you’ve got the space, a golf simulator is the perfect addition to a golfers man cave.

Whether you’re just looking to practice or if you fancy playing 18 holes at Pebble Beach, golf simulators are a ton of fun and don’t require as much space as you may think.

Introduce a masculine bar cart

If cocktails are your thing, or you just need a neat little cart to store your liquor, a bar cart is the option for you.

These handy carts hold plenty of liquor and save lots of money and space in comparison to a full bar.

Create a multi-functional mancave

Install a desk in your man cave if you’re looking for a quiet place to get some work done, or even looking to introduce a gaming setup to your space.

Break a sweat with a gym setup

If your favorite ‘me time’ is hitting the gym, adding gym equipment to your man cave is a must.

Whether you want to dedicate your small space solely to gym equipment or add some dumbbells to get a quick workout in, the choice is yours.

Add vibrance with neon signs

Credit: GreenNeonStore

If you love the small sports bar feel, neon signs are a great way to bring some of that energy and atmosphere into your man cave.

They’re perfect for those of us on a budget who are looking to get that man cave look without spending a fortune.

Create calmness with a fish tank

Fish tanks create a relaxing environment, which is why you often see them in Dentist waiting rooms, making it a great addition to your man cave.

This tank by @Tanknut is the perfect example of how a fish tank can create a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere in your space.

Personalize your space with artwork

A living room with dark red chairs, a beige sofa and a large piece of art on the wall
Credit: WallDecorDelights

Elevate your small man cave by adding artwork to your walls. This small detail is an easy and effective way to add a personal touch to your man cave without breaking the bank.

Choose artwork that you love to look at and that feels personal to you. If you’re not sure where to start, or you’re open to any art, opt for large, dark abstract art.

Make it super-personal

Man caves are a visual representation of our character. Fill them with what you love. If you love fishing, wall mounts an old rod or photo of your prized catch.

If football is your thing, hang your favorite jersey or signed football cards.

Get lost with a reading corner

For those of us who are looking for a quiet place to relax and get lost in a good book, adding a peaceful reading corner to your man cave will feel like a godsend. Find yourself a comfortable armchair, a side table, warm lighting, and bookshelves to create your own personal reading corner.

Creating your very own small man cave

We’ve all seen the classic man caves. Sports bars, pool tables, huge TVs, armchairs and so on. If you’re into those things, great. But a man cave is personal and should be filled with everything you love.

So start with that. Pick things you love to be the foundations of your small man cave. It could be reading, cycling, movies, or a workstation. Just be sure to pick things you love, and will utilize frequently.

Then, all that’s left to do is creat your setup, relax and enjoy your personal sanctuary!

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