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The home office. A place for focus, creativity, and discipline. Whilst having a dedicated space to work is a blessing, having only a small space can leave you struggling for design ideas. Fortunately for those of us in this position, a masculine small home office can still be achieved with even the smallest square footage.

Let’s explore our 20 top ideas for effortlessly creating a functional small home office.

Update walls with masculine materials

A home office with an ultra-wide monitor, wooden shelving and wooden panel feature wall
Credit: m_alshibany

Utilizing materials such as wood, metal, and glass is an easy yet effective way to add masculine charm to your office. Dark flooring and wall panels are some of the most effective ways to transform the atmosphere of your room.

However, for a budget-friendly alternative, opt for smaller furnishings such as wooden desks and industrial-style shelving. Injecting a handful of these materials into your office will transform it into a masculine haven.

Opt for contrasting wall art

A home office with a desk, black feature wall and wall prints
Credit: harrisonniap

Achieving your dream home office design can be as simple as adding a sleek feature wall paired with white wall art. This high-contrast style will create a sharp result that brings both masculinity and minimalism to the room.

Whether you’re opting for lighter or darker wall paint, stick to contrasting wall art to achieve this clean-cut result.

Choose dark and moody paint shades

A modern desk with wall prints, dark walls and a brown leather chair
Credit: by.amarmuric

Incorporating dark colors into your small home office is a simple way to achieve a masculine vibe with minimal budget required. Black, navy, and charcoal gray are some of our go-to options for a masculine color scheme.

It’s worth noting that darker paint shades can make a space feel smaller. To tackle this, consider creating a dark statement wall, or adding contrasting art to open the room up.

Install dark cabinetry

A home office with 2 desk setups. The room has a wooden floor, wooden desk, dark green cabinetry and brown office chairs
Credit: shalmaikeim

Combine style and function with dark and moody cabinetry. Dark greens, blues and grays are the perfect colors for masculine cabinetry in your small home office.

Hang a pegboard for organization

Green And Simple Home Desk

Set yourself up for success by creating a clean and clutter-free working zone. Installing wall-mounted pegboards close by to your working station frees up your desk space while keeping all the necessities within reaching distance.

Go natural with household plants

House plants are a simple way to prevent your small home office from feeling dark or stuffy. More often than not, a dark color palette is a go-to choice for men’s office design, however, this can leave the room feeling a little lifeless.

Adding large accent plants or small desk plants diffuses the dark shades by adding a vibrant contrast to the room.

Create an area to switch off

While your home office should enable you to hone in on your tasks and feel your most productive, having a designated breakout zone is equally important. Create a comfortable space to unwind by incorporating a small couch or beanbag.

This design enables you to tackle your tasks throughout the day whilst also taking the time to switch off and take a well-needed break from your screen.

Prioritize workspace functionality

Create a home office setup that’s not only masculine and inviting but also ideal for long-term use. A standing desk allows you to nail your home office setup from both a design and usability perspective.

While design and style are often at the forefront of our masculine small home office ideas, function and practicality play an equally important role.

Install vintage and industrial shelving

For smaller offices, make use of the vertical wall space by installing vintage or industrial-style shelving units. Not only does this provide additional storage, but it’s also an effective way to introduce masculine materials into your design.

If you’re working on a budget, used furniture stores are a great place for finding items like wooden worktops and vintage steel shelving at an affordable price.

Expand your desk space for productivity

Small home offices often bring the challenge of minimal floor space to work with. Opting for an L-shaped desk over a standard desk is a great way to make the most of the surface area you have to work with.

This home office setup provides an abundance of working space, making it an ideal office design for those of us working in the creative field.

Add industrial wall-mounted lights

Typically, smaller spaces have limited light sources, resulting in a cramped or dull feel to the room. Wall-mounted lighting is an easy way to achieve a calming ambiance in your home office.

Whether you’re opting for a lighter or darker color palette, industrial style, and metal-based light fixture styles are sure to infuse a masculine touch to the room.

Create a brick or stone feature wall

Looking for a natural masculine design? Brick feature walls are a timeless design that adds both warmth and depth to a room, without the use of dark moody colors.

While some of us are blessed with exposed brick walls in our homes, we know this isn’t the case for many. Fortunately, there are heaps of brick and stone-printed wallpaper options to recreate this look in your home office.

Design a personal wall gallery

Showcase your collection of memorabilia and personal achievements with a customized gallery wall. This design infuses your style into your home office, enabling you to feel like your true self in your working environment.

Adding certificates, awards, and goals to your surrounding space provides a zone for you to reflect on your current achievements. Not only does this achieve a classy design, it also serves as a handy way to create an environment that’s sure to keep you motivated.

Repurpose empty window sills

Bright Spacious Home Desk

Make use of unique and awkward window sills with your most-loved book collection. Similar to personalized gallery walls, this space provides a blank canvas to store your top reads along with decorative ornaments.

Utilizing small nooks is one of the most effective ways to make the most of your small home office space. With a mini home library being our personal favorite.

Add a reclaimed wood desk

Small Feature Wall Home Office

Opt for a reclaimed wooden desk to add a masculine design to your home office, with no renovation work required. The addition of earthy materials like walnut and wenge wood will create a grounded feel in the room.

Create a multiscreen setup for productivity

Minimal Office With Multiple Screens

For small home offices, a standard-size office desk may not be an option. But this doesn’t have to restrict you from creating an effective space for you to work at your optimum.

Installing a desk arm enables those of us with even the smallest of spaces to achieve a multi-screen setup that works in almost any space.

Install LED lighting to set the mood

Home Office With Surround Sound

Installing masculine-toned LED lighting is a powerful way to revamp the look and feel of your home office. With most LED lighting strips ranging between $10-$20 on Amazon, this small office update is a cost-effective way to transform the vibe of the room.

Update your desk accessories

Dark Grey Minimalist Desk

If you’re looking for the most affordable way to add masculine style to your home office, dark desk accessories are a staple. Mouse mats, keyboards, and desk pads are some of the basics that can be easily updated to a darker color or pattern to elevate your home office design.

Wall mount a TV above your desk

White Desk With Blue Office Chair

Wall-mounting a TV is another brilliant way to utilize wall space in your office. Whether you’re an avid gamer or a Netflix addict, this setup serves as a multi-purpose screen for both work and play.

During working hours, opt for a secondary screen setup or a masculine art design, before switching over to leisure mode at the end of the day.

Ditch the cables

Wooden Standing Desk With Mounted Screen

Loose cables and plug sockets can be a design eyesore, especially for smaller spaces. Avoid this design faux pas by installing a monitor arm and under-desk cable management. This will allow your masculine design choices to take center stage with no distractions.

Reducing clutter in your home office creates a clean open zone that’s both aesthetically pleasing and great for productivity.

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