Emerald green and gold living room ideas for an elegant home

The well-known and adored color combination within many interior designers’ creative arsenal – rich emerald green and gold.

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For years, the stunning pairing of emerald green and gold has found its way into our home designs countless times, and understandably so.

Whether you’re looking for a bold transformation or just a subtle touch of this color palette, you’ll find heaps of inspiration for your living room refresh.

Easy ways to incorporate emerald green and gold into your living room

Creating your dream emerald green and gold living room can be easily achieved by adding small details, or going to town with your green and gold theme.

Let’s dive into our favorite emerald green and gold living room ideas for you to bring an elegant and indulgent feel to your home.

Create a charming batten & board wall

Install a batten and board feature wall to create a charming emerald green statement piece.

This beautiful design can easily be recreated using home DIY batten and board kits paired with a dreamy intense shade of green.

Pair this design with gold accent pieces like drapes and light shades to create a harmonious emerald green and gold design.

Gold accents like door handles, lighting, and outlets can be incorporated to add touches of gold to your living room.

Indulge in emerald green walls

Adding emerald green to your walls allows you to have a moody and luxurious feel without compromising on the rest of your decor and furniture.

Achieve a decadent luxury atmosphere in your living room with this simple design update.

We love this look using contrasting furniture, such as white sofas and chairs, or light brown leather.

Subtle accent pieces

Emerald green and gold living rooms can often feel overwhelming and too green.

For a brighter and toned-down look, with a similar feel, add one or more small accent pieces to your living room.

This is an effective way to incorporate emerald green and gold without committing to a full-color scheme.

Complement with bright furnishings

If you find Emerald green is too overwhelming or dark, consider using contrasting furniture to soften the green and break up the space.

White and light brown are great go-to colors to use for your contrasting furniture.

Sofas, chairs, and cabinetry are a great starting point when planning contrasting pieces.

Add texture with emerald green wallpaper

Looking for a fun way to incorporate an emerald green and gold color scheme?

Choosing a textured wallpaper design puts a playful spin on the typical feature wall.

Complete this fun design with gold-framed chic artwork to create a timeless design that oozes elegance.

Inject color with decorative throws and cushions

Emerald Green Wall, Silver Cushion And Throw

Now, this idea is admittedly super simple but can be the missing piece from your emerald green and gold haven.

The trick here is to play around with various textures for throws and pillows.

When working with intense color palettes, like emerald green and gold, textures are a perfect subtle touch to add depth to the room without complicating things.

Incorporate playful colors

While Emerald green and gold is the end goal, adding playful colors can help brighten the room and add character to your living room.

Contrasting colors like pinks, and yellows will help to break the space up and make it feel less monochromatic.


Gold Lamp In Emerald Green Living Room

Adding gold table lamps or floor lamps adds an extra touch of gold to the design at eye height, giving a subtle warmth to the space.

Opt for warm lightbulbs to keep your living space feeling cozy and welcoming with its new color palette.

Our most-loved shades of emerald green

Remember that color palettes will vary from store to store, so take the time to select various samples to test at home.

We know that working with emerald green and gold can feel a little overwhelming in your living room.

We hope these handy decor tips and ideas empower you to take the plunge into the marvel that is, the emerald green and gold color palette.

This post was about emerald green and gold living room ideas.

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