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In a world where our technology advances faster than our furniture, it’s easy for us to forget to measure up before making that impulsive purchase. Screen sizes continue to grow, but our stands seem to get left behind. More and more of us have TVs bigger than TV stands nowadays, and although there is an ideal TV: Stand ratio, we can still make the smaller TV stand look good.

How to make a TV bigger than stand look good

Having a TV that’s larger than the stand isn’t the end of the world from a design perspective. There are several tips we can use to improve the overall look of your TV area.

Add furniture to the TV’s surrounding area

A graphic showing a tv on a tv stand, with drawers to the right and shelving to the left.

Adding more furniture pieces on either side of your TV stand can help to create the illusion of a larger TV stand. Small tables, units, and speakers are all great examples of pieces you can add on each side of your TV stand to fill the space.

Creating symmetry by adding pieces to both sides will make the area feel planned and purposeful. Symmetry isn’t make or break, but it does help to bring a sense of calmness to the room.

Wall mount your TV and decorate the stand

A graphic with a tv on the wall, a tv stand with decorations on top of, and a rug

Transform your living room by mounting your TV to the wall. This pushes your TV back and make the stand look bigger than it is. This clever design trick also separates the two items and removes the connection, making it less obvious that you have a TV stand smaller than TV.

Add any of your favorite decor to showcase the TV stand and make it feel like an intentional design choice.

Incorporate plants to your TV area

A graphic showing a Tv on a stand, with a rug and plants either side of the tv

Use houseplants to create an intentional home decor area to compliment the space. Adding plants to the sides of your TV stand can elevate the space dramatically. A splash of color, along with some different shapes and textures, helps to add depth and character to the area.

Besides looking good, we often use plants to take advantage of the calm energy they bring, along with their ability to improve air quality. But these are just additional benefits, we’re here jsut for their looks!

Swap the TV stand for TV legs

A graphic showing a tv with legs instead of a tv stand, with plants to the left, and shelving to the right

For many of us with limited space, accommodating a wider TV stand isn’t an option. The next best option is to go for TV legs as opposed to a stand. With a minimal and modern look, TV legs are a great way to optimize the space we have, whilst giving us an airy and spacious feel.


Should the TV stand or TV be bigger?

Ideally, the stand should be 50% wider than the TV. This will give you the perfect ratio without making either look to big or small.

If you dont have enough room to acommodate a TV stand of this size, where possible try to allow at least 6 inches on either side of the TV for a similar result.

How do I measure my TV and stand?

A common mistake people is using the screen size as the TV’s width. The screen size (e.g. 50″), is measured from corner to corner, whereas the width is measured from side to side. To ensure you have the correct measurement, take a tape measure and measure from one side of the TV to the other. Follow the same process for the stand. The ideal TV stand size is around 50% or 1.5 times larger than the TV.

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