17 amazing small home office inspiration ideas

Find small home office inspiration with these 17 amazing ideas to help you transform your small space into a home office.

Home office with 2 screens

Find small home office inspiration with these 17 amazing ideas to help you transform your small space into your perfect home office.

Working from home is the new norm for a lot of us. We love not having to commute every day and being in the comfort of your own home. That is if you have a home office setup. Most of us started out working from the sofa, or the table, and we all know how uncomfortable it gets after a few hours.

Decided it’s time to ditch working from the table and to create a pleasant place to work? You may be a little overwhelmed and wondering where to start. Especially if you don’t have tons of room to fit a home office. The good news is that you don’t need to dedicate a whole room to your home office.

So, you’ve decided where the desk will go, and are looking for some small home office inspiration. Here are 17 Small Home Office Inspiration Ideas to help you get started.

Our favorite small home office inspiration

Cosy and practical home office

Wooden Desk In Front Of Window Next To Shelving

This stunning small home office is a great example of how to utilize natural daylight for a bright welcoming space. Enormous rooms and tall ceilings aren’t a necessity to make a both practical and aesthetically pleasing small home office.

If you’re working with enough room to fit a small desk and a few shelves, then this in itself is a practical and cute home office setup. Make the most of shelf space by incorporating your favorite decor to help your office feel homely.

This could be by adding some family photos or even just your favorite decor pieces. If you’re feeling lost and need some inspiration then adding books, plants, and vases can make it feel warm and welcoming.

While your space may feel awkward and hard to work with try looking at it with a fresh perspective. Embracing the quirks and character of your small space, it helps to shift your mindset to find new design opportunities.

L-Shaped home office

Grey Minimal L-Shaped Desk Against White Wall

While we adore a window-facing desk we also know that often home office setups need to be able to squeeze into the corner of a bedroom. Don’t fret, this is where L-shaped desks become your best friend.

This spacious desk setup is great if you need some extra surface area for your workspace and prevents any wasted space in the corner of your room. This grey home office shows how perfectly an L desk allows the room to retain its bright and open feel.

But if you’re looking for some additional storage and happy to cut down some of your leg room then there’s tonnes of potential. Simply going for an L-shaped desk with storage drawers tackles both issues by adding ample storage without compromising the design.

Modern small home office

Gray Desk With Screen, Lamp, And White Plant Pot

If you’re on the hunt for some extra storage then this small home office inspiration is for you. Trestle table legs have been growing in popularity thanks to the extra storage space they bring. The additional space allows room for any working accessories without blocking out light beneath your desk.

If you’re struggling with a side wall blocking out the natural light then a small neutral lamp counteracts this perfectly. Keeping a clean minimal desk helps to keep your work space feeling light and stress-free.

While the open legs of the desk are brilliant for keeping your home office bright, cables and clutter can be a nightmare. An easy way to tidy up any loose cables is to run them behind desk legs and the back of your desk and make use of cable management like clips or tubing.

Minimal wooden home office

Wooden Desk With Wooden Stool And Shelving Unit

For this gorgeous white canvas, the dark wooden desk and storage blocks add dimension and depth to the room. Keeping it simple with a-frame desk legs and a large desk surface allows for ample room for double screens, which is becoming the norm for many of us now.

If you’re planning to keep the desk space free of storage then using any surrounding spaces as dual-purpose decor is ideal. This gorgeous wooden storage furniture looks great within this decor but has a huge amount of storage for both personal and work items.

This setup works brilliantly if you’re combining your living space with your office space. Using storage furniture pieces like this helps to separate the two areas. It also allows you to switch off when you wrap up for the day.

Dark minimalistic home office

Dark Minimalist Desk With Amber LED Lighting Behind

This moody and warm desk setup is perfect for those of us who want to get lost in our workspace and switch off the outer world. Although the bright open setup is the dream for a lot of us, a dark moody space can be the ideal outlet to get creative and get stuck into projects.

This home office setup allows for a wide screen and plenty of room for any notepads or materials needed throughout the day. We love the “studio” atmosphere that this desk set up brings, making it a purpose for deep concentration and focus.

If you love to choose your favorite playlist and get lost in it then incorporate your favourite music system. This home office setup makes us want to grab a blanket and candle and get lost in our work for the day.

Standing desk

White Standing Desk On Wooden Floor

The standing desk may be new to the home office game but has been revolutionary for thousands of us. The genius design helps to improve your posture during those long stints working from home. After taking the world by storm in lockdown you can now find hundreds of variations of this staple.

This flexible setup pairs perfectly with rolling trolly carts as storage. You can move your trolley carts around throughout the day to have everything within arm’s length. Then when you’re ready to wrap up the work day, raise your desk and store them beneath it.

Struggling to get your daily steps in? Join the hundreds of fellow work-from-homers who have incorporated a small treadmill under their desk to keep on the move throughout the day.

The gamer office setup

Dark Theme Desk With Screen And Speaker

Staying focused and on track is crucial when working from home. But finding time to switch off during breaks and evenings is a must for a healthy work-life balance. If you love to spend your spare time getting lost in your favorite games then consider including your console in your desk setup.

This 2-in-1 setup makes for the perfect space-saving hack. When you’re working with limited space making an area multi-functional is a must. These beautiful dark tones make for a stunning setup during the day and can be easily switched up by incorporating some multi-color LED lights for your gaming setup in the evenings.

If you plan on spending hours behind your screen, then it’s only right to find the perfect chair to keep your posture supported throughout the day. Take some time to research office chairs to find the perfect match that meets your needs.

The no effort home office

Simple Desk With Artwork, Chair, and Blanket

When it comes to home office decor sometimes clean and simple has our hearts. This casual office setup is the perfect example of how a minimal desk can add so much character to a room. It provides a completely blank canvas for you to add your style to your working space.

Adding some prints above your desk helps to create a separate workspace from your surrounding area. This is super helpful for building your focus zone and eliminating any distractions in the surrounding area.

This minimal desk setup has been paired perfectly with a simple black chair and a throw. This makes a huge difference in making the space feel warm and cozier. Still wanting to make it feel a little more homely? Add your favorite candle to your decor and you’ll feel the difference instantly.

Minimalist small home office

Minimalistic Desk With Leather Chair And Wall Print

This minimal setup is a dream for those of us who love keeping organized and clutter-free in our workspace. Having a large desk surface allows for plenty of room for all of the day-to-day necessities. If you have extra bits and pieces you’d rather not store on your desk then shelf space is your friend.

A headphone holder is one of our favorite desk accessories to keep your desk space feeling organized. By keeping items raised off your desk it can prevent your desk space from feeling cluttered and overwhelmed.

This minimalistic print shows just how much of a difference a simple piece of artwork makes. Having minimal decor doesn’t mean plain or boring. Fine line drawings and muted colors work brilliantly with a minimal theme.

Bright and white

White Wood Minimal Desk Against White Wall

If you’re looking to max out your storage space then this one is for you. With 7 storage draws and a trestle shelf, you’ll have plenty of space for all your storage needs. This simple but genius desk storage can be built using all Ikea pieces.

Finding a desk with ample storage is greatly beneficial. With the switch to working from home, many people find themselves working later and struggling to switch off. The additional storage means you can keep your work material out of sight and out of mind.

The added storage drawers on the desktop double up as a functional screen raiser for those of us who need a little extra height added. This setup works amazingly for a screen & laptop duo or even a double-screen setup.

Small home office inspiration for small spaces

Still feeling a little lost after scrolling through our first ideas thinking “But I still don’t have the space”. Here are our favorite small home office inspiration ideas for super small spaces.

Bench desks

Wooden Desk And Bench With Plants

When working with a narrow room, a large desk surface isn’t always possible. This doesn’t mean you need to give up hope of your dream home office yet.

Narrow desks with a bench are a great solution if you’re struggling with depth in your space. Although you’re losing depth with your desk, the length of these slimline pieces counteract this, leaving you plenty of room for your necessities.

The bench-style seat tucks away perfectly to give back some well-needed space after your day of work. This setup is perfect for anyone who works from home occasionally or uses the for a few hours a day.

Workspace under the stairs

Wooden Desk Under Wooden Staircase

This desk looks like it was made to be under this staircase. It’s a genius idea for a home office space yet is often overlooked.

Nook’s like this can often be a very awkward space to make use of. Just too small for seating, but not quite spacious enough for a mirror or accent piece. But as it happens it’s the perfect space for a small desk. It may not feel like a home office, but it’s enough space to comfortably work from home.

If this area tends to feel dim and dark, try a wall-mounted or stick-on light to make this space cozy and brighter. If like many of us, this little nook happens to be in your living room then you’ll want to take a look at 15 small apartment living room ideas to make it feel bigger.

Ladder desks

White A Frame Desk And White Chair With Plants

This genius idea was a match made in heaven for bedroom home offices. This gorgeous piece gives the feel of stunning room decor but doubles as a functional working area.

This desk idea works especially well for narrow spaces that have vertical space to their advantage. Working upwards allows you to make use of space that would have potentially been wasted.

If you’ve got a really small home office setup, this idea packs the most punch. It looks great, and it’s super practical with plenty of room for greenery and personal items.

Floating desk

Floating Desk With Neutral Chair

Now you may recognize this decor from recent stays in hotel rooms. This idea is a wonderful option for extra small bedrooms that need to squeeze in a desk.

Most floating desk units have the option of desks to add some useful storage space to pack away your items when you’re not working. Or if you’re squeezed for space, opt for a simple Ikea worktop with some wall brackets to save as much space as possible.

Again, we love the use of floating shelves to optimize the vertical space and help to separate the working area from the rest of the room.

Small nook desk

Small Wooden Desk In Corner Of Room

Similar to the under-the-stairs desk setup, don’t rule out little nooks in your home. When you’re working with limited space the awkward spaces still serve as a great opportunity. This simple dressing table allows for a laptop, some lighting, and a small office chair.

If you’re looking for a minimal setup and don’t use a desktop screen for your work then this may be ideal for you. This idea illustrates this perfectly. This little desk fits perfectly in the nook in the corner of the room. What was once a small corner with no room is now a small home office!

This home office setup is another great dual-purpose option, simply swap out your laptop for a small mirror to create a vanity. By simply storing your beauty products in one of the storage drawers you can swap between drawers to switch between a vanity or a functioning office desk.

Monitor desk arms

Wooden Desk With Double Screens On Monitor Arms

So you’ve decided on a narrow desk for your home office but you’re struggling with desk space? Desktop screens often end up dominating our desk space leaving little space for your other necessities.

Claiming back your desk space with a desk monitor arm is a brilliant way to squeeze one or multiple screens into your space without compromising on the working surface area. This handy tool is not only perfect for space-saving but also for allowing you to adjust your screens as needed throughout the day.

This idea is perfect for those of us working with a dual-screen setup at home. This can usually be a challenge to find a pleasant setup, but a desk arm takes away all the design stress for you.

Hideaway desk

White Desk With Storage Drawers And Double Screens

From storage space to a dual-screen haven, this desk setup has all bases covered for your small home office. For some of us, skimping on storage or screen space isn’t an option, and this Ikea desk is the perfect solution.

By pairing the Alex drawers, with an Ikea surface top and legs you’ve created you’re own perfect working area. Incorporate some floating shelves above your desk and you have your very own home office with abundant storage.

This home office setup may feel a little cozy, however, this is for those of us who require all the storage and screen space that we can get.

This post was about 17 amazing small home office inspiration ideas.

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