Budget-friendly men’s bedroom ideas

Finding the right colors, furniture, and mood for your bedroom is a must. Discover stylish men’s bedroom ideas on a budget in this article.

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Your bedroom is a private sanctuary, for you to wind down, relax, and sleep. It’s a place where the decor and style should resonate with us completely. But when working with a small budget, finding effective ways to achieve your ideal mens bedroom decor can feel challenging.

There are heaps of budget-friendly ways to transform your bedroom into a personalized, comfortable mancave.

Let’s explore our mens bedroom ideas on a budget to give your bedroom a completely new look and feel, without having to spend four figures.

Embrace a dark statement wall

Updating your bedroom wall color is a great place to start. This simple update gets the best bang for your buck while achieving a fresh look. When revamping bedroom designs for men, navy, bronze, and charcoals are staples in our masculine color palette.

While dark colors are said to give you a better sleep environment, they can also make the room feel smaller and, of course, darker. So if your bedroom is on the smaller side stick to a single feature wall.

Best colors for men’s bedrooms

Dark paint color palettes consisting of Dark navy, dark green, light gray, dark brown and dark gray

Add budget-friendly wall art

Hanging a masculine art piece above your bed is a simple yet effective way to refresh your bedroom design. Select a piece that resonates with your style or opt for budget-friendly wall art by sourcing artwork from free stock images and artwork sites.

Once you’ve found your perfect piece you can either print it at home, or for a high-quality result head to your local print shop. Pair your new art piece with a minimalistic frame to achieve a chic design with little budget spent.

Introduce masculine patterns

Similar to wall colors, there’s a great selection of fabrics that can transform any mens bedroom into a masculine haven without breaking the bank. Tartan and vertical stripes are among our favorite fabrics to give your bedroom an easy revamp.

There’s a great choice of furnishings you can update your space with, regardless of your budget size. Updating bed pillows and throws alone is enough to give your bedroom a fresh feel, or if you can stretch a little further consider swapping out your bed linen for a tartan set.

Source pre-loved furniture & artwork

Looking to add some vintage charm to your mens bedroom design? Incorporate vintage artwork and furniture into your space. This instantly adds timeless charm to the room, and you’ll find a ton of pre-loved pieces at local thrift stores, keeping you on track with your budget.

Add earthy-toned cushions and throws

With a high-quality set of bedsheets setting you back tens to hundreds of dollars, decorating your existing linen with a handful of earthy-toned furnishings is a great alternative. Muted shades like willow, grey, and light brown will complement your existing decor and are ideal for both light and dark-colored bed linen.

Go green with houseplants

Grey Bedroom With Plants

Add a splash of color by introducing greenery into your space. Plants are well known to reduce stress and create a more relaxing environment, transforming your room into the perfect place for winding down.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to have green fingers to make this work. You can choose low-maintenance, affordable plants to make the most of this idea. Or for the ultimate zero-maintenance plant, go for an artificial option.

Add a leather armchair

Dark Bedroom With Leather Armchair

For a sophisticated yet rugged look, pair a brown leather armchair pairs with dark blue or gray color palettes. Whether for a reading corner, for guests, or just to throw your clothes on after a long day, a leather armchair makes an elegant addition to your room.

Leather armchairs tend to be on the higher end of low budget, but you can still find some affordable armchairs used from thrift stores.

Showcase your personal items

Get creative with fashionable items like sneakers and caps to create a unique feature in your bedroom. This sneaker collection is a prime example of how an often-overlooked item can be repurposed into a cool decorative piece.

Incorporate a clothing rack

Black Clothes Rail And Shelves In Bedroom

If you’re trying to save space or money, or just like the simple and industrial look, then a clothing rail is an ideal piece to incorporate. While enclosed wardrobes are often the go-to, we much prefer an open-plan clothing rail to showcase your personal style in your bedroom.

Affordable clothing rails are easy to come by and can often be purchased at your local homeware or DIY store.

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