Gallery of 3 moody bathrooms, image 1 with navy gold wallpaper and marble sink, image 2 with patterned wallpaper and all black decor, image 3 with sage green panelling and white tiled floor
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With their dramatic and charming nature, moody bathrooms have taken the design world by storm. For many years traditional light neutral shades were the often chosen color palette for bathrooms and powder rooms, until recently, many of us have been opting to dip our toe into the world of moody bathroom colors.

Whether you’re looking to create a bold feature wall, or simply incorporate moody ornaments into your decor, you’ll find a wealth of options to choose from.

Let’s explore our charming, moody bathroom ideas to take you from design block to creative flow, for planning the feature room of your dreams.

Moody feature wallpaper

Black Bathroom Sink With Wallpaper
source: almabernan

Black tiles and paint are often the go-to choice for dark bathroom decor, but opting for such deep colors can make it challenging to keep an open feel to the space. Pairing a dark wallpaper with accent art is the perfect remedy to add a pop of color and detail back into the room.

Moody subway tiles

Green is a fond favorite for achieving a classic yet moody atmosphere in a bathroom. Selecting subway tiles in a deep, enchanting color is the perfect way to incorporate darker shades into your bathroom without overpowering the space, thanks to the reflective nature of subway tiles.

A muted shade of teal

This stunning shade of teal brings a subtle moody feel to this bathroom while incorporating warming features such as a gold framed mirror, ambient lighting, and a warm wooden vanity base. Using a complementary material like marble works beautifully to compliment the surrounding colors while bringing a touch of brightness.

Moody bathroom wall paneling

Sage green wooden bathroom with panelling on all walls and two mirrors hung
source: katlawtoninteriors | photography: _karamercer

Although lighter shades of green may feel a little less moody, pairing this earthy shade with wall paneling adds depth and character to the room. Kat Lawson’s stunning design of sage green, gold hardware, and warm wooden pieces creates a homely bathroom perfect for unwinding at the end of the day.

Moody wainscoting

If you’re a fan of the moody bathroom trend but aren’t quite ready to take the plunge, then moody wainscoting makes for an ideal option to dip your toe into the style. By committing to only half to a third of the wall being a darker shade, this will allow you to ease darker decor into your home.

Dark and playful tiles

Opting for a variety of moody bathroom tiles is a brilliant way to bring a playful feel to your bathroom design. This gorgeous pairing of two vastly different yet complementary tiles has worked seamlessly in creating a moody haven within @home_with_victoria‘s home.

Simple moody wallpaper

Opting for a simplistic navy and gold wallpaper allows the wall to be a subtle feature of the bathroom without overpowering surrounding decor. Pair this with gold hardware and dark wood for the ultimate rich and moody bathroom design.

Vintage moody bathroom

sage green bathroom with artwork hung above bath tub on wall and surrounded by wooden drawers
source: katlawtoninteriors | photography: _karamercer

This harmonious pairing of a sage green bathtub and marble feature wall works seamlessly to create a peaceful space to unwind. By combining lighter and muted tones of darker colors you can achieve a moody bathroom without the need to commit to intense colors.

Moody copper bathtub

Dark black walls and tiles are an increasingly popular trend in the world of moody bathroom design. If you’re blessed with an abundance of natural light in your bathroom, then this is a brilliant option to make the most of the daylight pouring into your space. The finishing touch of a copper bathtub pairs seamlessly with the dark color palette.

Dark olive green and white

If black decor feels too overwhelming for your bathroom, then dark earthy greens are a great alternative. This color palette works specifically well alongside white flooring and tiling. The contrasting shades complement one another beautifully while retaining the dark and moody vibe.

Monochrome simplicity

All Black Ensuite
source: beazy

If you’re working with a smaller bathroom, then black may seem like the last option in your toolkit, right? Spoiler alert…it works fantastically with small spaces that are looking to achieve that moody bathroom design.

Dark Green Victorian

Two intense deep shades that were truly made for one another, dark emerald green and rich deep brown. This stunning color combination makes for the perfect color palette for a Victorian, moody bathroom decor. This stunning design by notsomodernvictorian has a beautiful balance of deep tones, complimented with contrasting colors and textures.

Navy and white

Navy And White Bathroom With Pattern Tile Flooring
source: palmandprep

If any two color palettes were made for one another, it’s this duo. Deep navy and bright white is one of our fond favorites when it comes to moody bathroom ideas. There’s something about the contrast of the dark moody navy and clean bright white that complement each other seamlessly.

Contrasting textures

Using similar colors can feel daunting or overwhelming. But the key is to play around with different textures and find a pairing within the same color palette. Mona – designbyinspiration has achieved a beautiful balance with this combination of earthy velvet wallpaper and deep earthy green wall paint. Thanks to their similar undertones, both work beautifully together while bringing plenty of dimension to this bathroom.

Black tiles with white grout

Black & White Bathroom Tiles Wooden Vanity
source: itsme_itsmel

Black tiles and white grout are yet another brilliant option for creating a subtle moody vibe. This classic color combination is a sure winner regardless of your bathroom size. With several factors to play around with such as tile size and shape, this decor idea is great for customization.

Matte black and gold

Matte black is the ultimate moody shade for dark bathrooms when executed well. Achieving this stunning design can be as simple as pairing matte black walls with simple gold accessories and hardware.

If you want to upgrade your existing decor to another level, then we’d recommend a gold vanity light hung above gold feature mirrors.

Marble on marble

Looking for a sleek and modern, moody bathroom idea? We’ve got you covered.

Combining light and dark shades of marble makes for a sophisticated, balanced bathroom while ticking all the moody decor boxes. With each material reflecting highlights of one another, it’s no surprise that this pairing is a match made in heaven.

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