15 Perfect tile and grout color combinations

If you’re feeling uninspired and need some help finding the right tile and grout color combinations, here are 18 perfect color cominations.

3 bathrooms with diferent color tiles

Finding the right tile and grout color combinations may seem like an impossible task, given there are thousands of possibilities. With plenty of choice in choosing tile and grout color combinations, it’s no surprise we find ourselves scouring the internet trying to remedy the overwhelming feeling.

You’ll be glad to know it’s actually, dare we say, easy, to choose the right tile and grout color combinations for your home. Sometimes it’s as simple as picking a combo that you like, and it just works. Usually it requires a few simple decisions to narrow down what colors work well in your space, then choose your favorite.

Perfect tile and grout color combinations

If you’re looking for classic, match any kitchen or bathroom kind of colors, these are for you. Let’s explore 15 of the best tile and grout color combinations you can use today.

Beige tile with white grout

This beautiful combination of neutral tones will give your bathroom a high-quality and welcoming feel. This combination is ideal for bathrooms, making it feel warm and comfortable. Beige tiles with warm lighting make it the perfect place to wind down and relax in the bath.

White tile with white grout

A kitchen with white tiles

This classic, yet modern feeling color combination has stood the test of time. You can put this simple and effective combination in any space, and you’re almost guaranteed a positive result.

White on white has always looked up-to-date and is truly timeless. When the rest of your kitchen or bathroom feels out of date, you can easily change the countertops, cupboards, and floor colors without having to worry if they will match the tiles.

Navy blue tile with white grout

Dark navy blue pairs perfectly with white grout for both kitchens and bathrooms. Navy is the perfect color to choose if you’re looking for a dark tile without running the risk of it feeling too dark and gloomy.

White tile with light gray grout

A kitchen with white tiles and gray grout

This elegant color pair is another timeless combination that will continue to look fresh and up-to-date in years to come. If you love the white tile, but the white grout feels a bit boring, try using a light gray grout for a bit of contrast.

White tile with dark gray grout

A kitchen with white tiles and white countertop

Similar to white tile with light gray, using a dark gray grout gives the space a modern and elegant feel. If you prefer a bit more contrast than the light gray, or if you don’t want to go too dark with black grout, this is the perfect in-between.

Teal tile with gold grout

This luxurious color combo of teal and gold creates an intense yet relaxing feel. Combining two rich colors is a great way to achieve an expensive and cozy look. If the gold grout is over the top for you, you can seamlessly swap it out for white grout for a crisp and elegant look.

White tile with black grout

A kitchen with white tiles and wooden shelves

White tiles paired with black grout are a beautiful combination that has a clean and Victorian feel. The contrasting black grout does well to hide stains and add some character to the space. As this is quite a busy combination, we recommend this pair for minimal kitchens/bathrooms to allow the tiles to be the center of attention.

Duck egg blue tile with white grout

A bathroom with duck egg blue tiles

This beautiful color pair is playful, yet sophisticated and looks fantastic when paired with gold. Duck egg blue or, any light shade of blue or green, paired with a white grout, will transform any space into a calming and enjoyable place to be.

Light gray tile with white grout

A kitchen with gray tiles

A modern twist on the classic, white tile with white grout. The light gray tiles add just a touch of color but give the room more character and warmth. If you’ve got white and black in your space, a grey tile with white grout can help to break the colors up and bridge the gap between the contrast.

Light gray tile with light gray grout

A bathroom with gray tiles

Modern and minimal, gray tile with gray grout is perfect for bathrooms with larger tiles. It looks clean and modern and is great at hiding water stains. If you love the minimal look of gray on gray but don’t want it to feel too monotonous, consider adding a strip of smaller white tiles to break up the gray.

Marble tile with white grout

A bathroom with white marble tiles

White and light marble has a modern and luxurious feel and pairs perfectly with gold, silver, and black. Whilst this combination still feels minimal, the marble pattern adds a bit of character if you’re looking for a bit more than a plain tile.

Black tile with white grout

A white kitchen with black tiles and a large steel refrigerator

Black on white is a classic color combo that looks good everywhere. The contrasting white grout compliments the shape of the black tile and adds a sense of busyness to your space. This color combination works best with light-colored surrounding areas, with hints of dark to allow the tiles to blend in.

Black tile with black grout

Black tiles in a bathroom

Black on black isn’t a color combination we would usually recommend, solely because it’s difficult to pull off. It does, however, look amazing when done right. If you love the dark and stealthy vibe, this is a risky, yet, rewarding color combination to try.

Black marble tile with black grout

A bathroom with black marble tiles

For the moodiest and most luxurious bathroom, a black marble tile paired with black grout is the perfect choice for a dark and modern feel. Bathrooms with tall ceilings and plenty of natural light are best suited to this style to avoid making the space feel small and gloomy.

Dark gray tile with white grout

a bathroom with dark gray tiles and white cupboards

If you enjoy the dark, modern, stealthy color combinations like black and dark marble, but don’t want to take the risk, try toning down to a dark gray with white grout for a similar feel without the risk.

This dark and modern combination pairs perfectly with wood, white, black, and silver.

Dark gray marble tile with white grout

A bathroom with dark gray marble tiles

Or, if you’d prefer some texture on your walls, opt for a dark gray marble instead of plain dark gray. Again this pairs beautifully with silver, white, black, and wood. Just avoid metals like gold, brass, and copper with these colors.

Cyan blue tile with white grout

a modern bathroom with cyan blue tiles

As bright as this cyan blue is, it’s surprisingly calming. Pair with a white or light gray grout to get the most from this beautiful color.

How to choose tile and grout color combination

Once you’ve decided on the shape, size, and material of your tiles, it’s time to buy a hundred samples and see what looks best, right? Well, probably not. If you want to save some time and money, it’s best to narrow down your options before jumping straight into buying samples.

Firstly, the tile color. Are you going to choose a dark or a light-colored tile? Consider the color of your countertop, floor, and cupboards when deciding your tile color. Also, keep in mind the color of your lighting. For example, if your kitchen has bright white lighting, this will give the tiles a brighter and bluer tone compared to the warmer tinge that you’ll get from yellow lighting.

Light tiles

Light-colored tiles can be used in most scenarios due to their versatility. They’re the perfect choice for smaller spaces, thanks to their light color reflecting natural light. Making it perfect for making the space feel brighter and more spacious.

Pros of light tiles:

  • Helps to make a room feel more bright and airy, ideal for small kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Easy to pair with most colors and will likely look good in any situation, regardless of your wall and cupboard color.
  • More options when choosing grout colors.

Cons of light tiles:

  • Shows dirt easier than dark tiles. That being said, this is probably a positive for the clean freaks among us.
  • If paired with a light grout, e.g. white tile with white grout, it can be difficult to color match.

Dark tiles

Darker colored tiles tend to make a space feel smaller, as the tiles will absorb the light. If you have a large space with plenty of natural light, dark tiles will give the room a more dramatic look.

Pros of dark tiles:

  • Hides dirt better than light tiles. However, this means dirt may go unnoticed (not ideal for us obsessive cleaners)
  • Creates a calming environment.

Cons of dark tiles:

  • Can make the room feel dark and small.
  • Fewer grout choices, mainly black, gray, and white.
  • Not as versatile as light tiles and doesn’t pair as well with many colors.

Choosing the grout color

Finally, the grout. We need to decide whether we want light or dark grout, and whether it’s going to be similar to contrasting to the tile color. Contrasting colors are usually a safer bet and a great way to show off the shape of the tile.

Light grout, especially white, is a good all-rounder and will match almost any colored tile. The downside is that light grout stains more easily than dark grout. Light grout with a light tile gives the room a spacious and airy feel, and shouldn’t draw too much attention.

Dark grout is more likely to hide stains, however, you have fewer options when it comes to pairing it with a tile color. Using a dark grout with a light tile usually gives the room an industrial feel while still feeling fairly modern.

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