With February behind us, it’s finally time to welcome the beautiful spring days alongside another wonderful celebration. That’s right, Easter! The season is upon us for pulling out those storage bins and creating your stunning Easter mantle decor.

Getting creative with a splash of color and decorative flair never fails to brighten our homes for the spring season. Not only is this holiday a brilliant way to celebrate with our loved ones, but it also brings the perfect opportunity for bonding by decorating your home together.

Whether you’re looking to blow your guests away with statement mantel decor, or simply want minimal Easter decor that celebrates the occasion, we’ve got you covered.

Stylish Easter mantel decor ideas

A neutral theme

When it comes to Easter mantel decor, an adorable bunny-themed garland is an essential. This budget-friendly option is a simple way to transform a mantel into a holiday feature piece in any room.

If you’re looking for decor to pair well with house plants then this adorable grass bunny makes the perfect pairing to compliment the surrounding greenery. With its minimal nature, this decor can easily be incorporated into any home, regardless of your color palette or style.

Simple and symmetrical

If you’re feeling stumped with Easter mantel decor ideas then a simple symmetrical approach never goes amiss. This gorgeous combination of themed bunting, ornaments and a wreath shows that a few simple pieces can create a real decor showstopper.

To keep your decor evergreen, look for a wreath with removable Easter decor features to allow for this piece to be used all year round.

Incorporate existing color palettes

When working with bold wallpaper or paint colors it can feel challenging to create an Easter mantle that stands out. Thriftydecorgal has found the perfect solution; create a custom egg wreath, incorporating colors from your existing decor, and place this in front of a mantle mirror.

This simple option keeps the room feeling bright and open while adding a touch of Easter festivity to the room. Adding final touches such as candles and foliage gives the mantel a true spring feel.

Showcase your Easter collection

If Easter mantel decor is an annual event for you then you’ll likely have accrued quite the decor collection. What better way to showcase your year-on-year favorites than by creating a feature on your fireplace or mantel?

This mantel design option is perfect for the hosts in us who love to hold the annual Easter egg hunt. Incorporate a cute signpost ornament and adorable wall art such as this “We believe in the Easter bunny’ piece to finish off your cozy mantel decor.

Watch your collection grow each year as you’ll no doubt find new adorable pieces year in and year out.

Choose a feature color

White fireplace with multicolored easter garland and flowers
source: pinklady2267

Want a vibrant yet elegant mantel? A feature color is the way to go. Selecting a main color for your design will ensure that you keep on the theme and allow you to work with a variety of colors without being overwhelming.

Pinklady2267 has done just this, with hints of pink sprinkled throughout this stunning Easter mantel. Bouquets, cushions, and small ornaments work perfectly for feature color items to help brighter colors such as yellows, greens, and purples blend seamlessly.

Easter bunny family

This next Easter mantel decor idea is a personal favourite of ours; an adorable Easter bunny ornament collection. If you’re looking for a decorative that reminds you of the valuable times spent with our nearest and dearest over the holidays then this certainly is it.

Not only is this a classic and timeless decor idea, but it also makes an event of welcoming a new bunny ornament into the family with each year that passes.

Easter egg tree

Easter egg trees have skyrocketed in popularity over the years, and understandably so. With a great choice of customization, they make for a gorgeous centerpiece and are guaranteed to draw the attention of the room.

Whether you’re designing on a budget or looking to splash out on your Easter decor, you’ll find an abundance of egg trees to choose from. Alternatively for a budget-friendly, try your hand at creating a DIY Easter egg tree using wooden eggs and paint, or a DIY kit for the ultimate lazy decor hack.

DIY Easter decor

What better to pair with a traditional bunny painting than adorable DIY carrots? Seasonalcottagehome has created a stunning Easter mantle for the holidays with adorable DIY carrot and bunny decor.

The combination of a dainty garland and knitted carrots creates a homely statement piece to celebrate Easter in true style. Pair this with a eucalyptus garland or decorative plants to pull your mantel decor together and make the ideal home for bunny ornaments.

Floral wreaths

Bright coloruful floral wreath with small easter themed prints and bunny decor
source: ourss9

Unleash your inner florist by designing a vibrant floral wreath. Whether you’re planning to go bold and bright, or calm and neutral, a wreath is a fun way to get creative with your decor.

Ourss9 has combined a beautiful vibrant wreath with a handful of small funky prints and mini Easter bunny ornaments to make this fun bright mantel. We recommend choosing evergreen colors that work well with your existing decor so you can reuse them for various seasons throughout the year.

Simple artwork

Moody neutral fireplace with linework bunny art on top
source: kimjohnsen

While bright colors and floral decor may be the norm for Easter mantel decor, kimjohnsen‘s dreamy mantel showcases a stunning minimal and modern approach. This simple linework piece shows that modern art is a great way to transform the feel of your space and make it fit for the holiday period.

Combing this minimalistic artwork with warm candles and floral arrangements creates a cozy and welcoming atmosphere for your Easter mantel.

Keep it minimal

This one’s for all the minimalists looking to add a sprinkle of Easter decor to their homes. When planning decor in minimalistic homes it’s all about balance and muted tones. Opting for dainty garlands and ornaments is a brilliant way to incorporate subtle decor into your room without overwhelming the room.

If it’s feeling a little too bare pairing it with a blanket storage basket with neutral pieces will add some warmth to the area and ultimately make it feel a little cozier.

Use surrounding areas

If you’ve been blessed with a large or raised fireplace in your home, then now is the prime time to take advantage of this. This large area makes the perfect blank canvas for creating a feature piece out of your Easter mantel decor.

Look for large decor pieces such as floral stands, large foliage garlands, and large artwork for your mantelpiece. When choosing your decorative art and ornaments we recommend picking a color theme to keep the area looking cohesive and welcoming.

Timeless mantel decor

For many of us, creating a beautiful Easter mantelpiece is an annual event, so it only makes sense that our decor should be evergreen and reusable.

By selecting neutral colors, you’ll be ensuring that your ornaments and decorations can fit well with any future decor changes to your home. One of our favorite ways to use evergreen decor is to purchase artwork that compliments your home all year round. While this beautiful rabbit artwork may feel Easter-themed, it’s a versatile piece that can be kept all year round.

Customized ornaments

Blue wall with white fireplace with easter decorations
source: gingerhearts

Adding a personal touch is one of our favourite Easter decor ideas; Items such as tree ornaments are a beautiful way to include personal pieces in your mantel.

Those of us with furry friends or little ones know just how important it is to find decor that’s safe and suitable for our homes. These lightweight paper eggs are a safe and convenient way to add a pop of color to the room without worrying about damage or any accidents.

Finish your Easter mantel decor off with a pastel-colored garland to complement the room; Creating your own doubles up as a great DIY activity for the family leading up to Easter.

Go wild

If simple and minimal isn’t for you, then we’ve got you covered with _shimmering_seasons fun and vibrant Easter mantel. With an abundance of exciting colors and textures, this decor is an ideal choice for those of us hosting a get-together, or simply wanting to put a smile on our family’s faces.

This option is a great way to make the most of your decor collection by incorporating homeware items like mugs and candles; and even make use of brightly colored Christmas decor such as bottle brush trees.

Finishing off this mantel with an Easter egg hunt is a sure winner to create a fun and exciting area to let the games begin.

Classic Easter decor

When it comes to creating homely Easter decor, an elegant white mantel never goes amiss. This beautiful mantel decor by foreveryoungfarmhouse is a prime example of how using a variety of neutral tones and different textures creates an elegant and welcoming area for the holiday.

Utilizing existing home decor is our favorite budget-friendly way to style your home for the holidays. Using neutral items such as floral arrangements, blankets, baskets, and candles creates an ideal base and gives a canvas for your seasonal decor items.


How do you decorate a mantel for Easter?

When it comes to mantel decor, the most important priority should always be your personal style preference. While there’s an abundance of decor ideas to choose from, there truly is no right or wrong, so take the opportunity to explore your curiosities.

DIY Easter mantel decor ideas

You’ll find some of the simplest DIY decoration ideas in this article, and they really do make the design. Our favourite piece being a DIY bunny garland, or alternatively hand-made Easter eggs and wreaths.

What’s the best pet-friendly Easter mantel decor?

Mantel decor can be a hazard to our furry friends when not thought through. If you’re looking to incorporate candles then opt for LED candles as opposed to tea light candles, this will take away the stress of keeping pets clear of the space. Wreaths, wall art and anything wall-mounted is ideal as it can remain out the way of your four-legged friends.

When should I decorate my mantel for Easter?

Deciding when you want to update your mantel decor is really down to personal preference. This year Easter falls on Sunday 31st March, but similairly to other holidays many of us choose to decorate anywhere from months ahead to the day before, so go whatever’s right for you and your home.

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