11 Simple Mixtiles layout ideas to transform a room

When it comes to Mixtiles layout ideas, there are hundreds of options, so we’ve curated a list of our favorite in home designs and layout plans to experiment with.

An infographic with 6 different mixtiles layouts

Adding wall art is a great way to share our most cherished memories, art pieces, and memorabilia with each guest that comes into our home. Mixtiles are an easy, wall-friendly solution to achieve just that without countless nails in the wall.

We’re sharing some of the best Mixtiles layout ideas and home gallery inspirations to help you transform that empty space into a beautiful feature.

Mixtiles in-home layout inspiration

Explore our home gallery collection of Mixtiles layouts to find your ideal design. Whether a uniform masterpiece is your kind of style, or an asymmetrical cluster is more to your taste, we’ve got you covered.

4×2 layout

If you’re looking to showcase a small handful of images in your home then this is our go-to layout. This simple layout is an ideal layout for large open spaces like living rooms or dining room walls that are the perfect blank canvas.

Mixtiles size options to recreate this look

  • 8.4×11″
  • 12.44×16.44″
  • 19.5×27″
  • 27×36″

4×3 Landscape layout

This 4×3 layout is perfect for hallways and narrow spaces that are often left untouched. Create a close-knit design using one of the mixtiles sizes mentioned below. Incorporating light fixtures above your tiles is a simple way to brighten this area while drawing the eye of your guests to your homely gallery wall.

Mixtiles sizes to recreate this look

  • 11×8.4″
  • 16.44×12.44″
  • 27×19.5″

3×3 Square layout

A simple 3×3 design is the perfect Mixtiles layout to showcase your fondest memories in nurseries, children’s rooms, and smaller spaces. Choose from a variety of sizes to achieve this stunning gallery wall.

Mixtiles sizes to recreate this look

  • 8.4×8.4″
  • 12.44×12.44″
  • 19.5×19.5″

Unlimited gallery wall

The home is an extension of our personality and serves as a reflection of us and our loved ones. What better way to create a warm, loving environment than with an extensive gallery wall of your most cherished memories?

For those of us with an evergrowing collection of photos this is the perfect way to take the often forgotten snaps and make them a lifelong feature in our home.

Mixtiles sizes to recreate this look

  • 8.4×8.4″

Octagon layout (8.4″ tiles)

If you’re looking to add an extra personal touch to your layout then opt for an artwork tile in the center of your octagon layout. This final addition adds your personal style to your wall while allowing you to share a loving or inspiring quote.

You can easily recreate this layout with a combination of 20 8.4″x8.4″ tiles paired with an 8.4″x11″ artwork of plaque for the center.

Mixtiles layout ideas with frame sizes

Dive into our 7 layout ideas with frame sizes to plan your ultimate gallery wall from start to finish.

Layout 1

A symmetrical layout of mixtiles prints

Create a clean and uniform design with this selection of 12 square Mixtiles. This option is best suited for areas with symmetrical design, making spaces like above the couch or dining table ideal for this Mixtiles layout.

Layout 2

A light gray sofa with a plant and a layout of 5 mixtiles prints on the wall

If you’re looking for a balance between clean-cut and asymmetrical then this Mixtiles layout provides just that. This option creates a playful gallery wall style without straying too far from the clean and classic look.

Layout 3

A brown sofa with a layout of 7 mixtiles prints on the wall

Allow a large image to take center stage by opting for a 19.5″x27″ as your focal Mixtile. This layout choice creates a clean symmetrical design while creating a focal point using the largest tile.

Layout 4

A blue sofa with a layout of 6 prints on the wall

Incorporate a variety of orientations with this playful combination. This variety of tile sizes enables you to have free reign with photo choice by removing limitations such as image size or orientation.

Layout 5

A beige sofa with a layout of 5 prints on the wall

Looking to create an understated gallery wall that blends into the room seamlessly? Keep it clean and simple with this uniform layout.

Layout 6

A blue sofa with a layout of 8 prints on the wall

Create a playful gallery wall ideal for above the couch or on large open walls with this fun design. Finding the perfect images for this setup is simple

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