9 stunning neutral Christmas decor ideas for 2023

Stunning neutral Christmas decor ideas for your home. The best decor options to make your neutral home feel super festive for the holidays.

A living room with white Christmas decorations and a green Christmas tree

If you’re as obsessed with neutral decor as we are, then you’ll know how hard it can be to find the perfect Christmas decor to pair with your beautiful neutral scheme. The neutral colors we know and love don’t have to make the festive season feel dull.

Thought your Christmas decor had to be filled with reds, greens, and golds? Think again. These beautiful inspiration ideas will leave you with countless ideas of how to spice up your neutral decor. While traditional Christmas decor is classic and loved, we’re here to put a spin on it and make your space feel super festive but perfect for you. Whether you’re searching for the perfect neutral tree or needing some dreamy inspiration for the Christmas day dining table, we’ve got you!

We’ve searched high and low and found the most stunning neutral Christmas decor ideas. So grab a hot chocolate and dive into the neutral decor pieces that are a must for your Pinterest board this year.

How to use neutral Christmas decor without it feeling boring

  • Play around with different shades of your main theme colors. Avoid sticking to one shade of your chosen colors and instead go for a variety of light, dark, or muted shades.
  • Incorporate textures into your decor, this is a great way of bringing your space alive when using neutral colors. Sparkly baubles and wooden ornaments are a great way of adding texture and bringing a festive feeling to your home.
  • Use green earthy tones in your Christmas decor, don’t panic we know earthy greens may not be part of your existing decor, but they work beautifully with a neutral color palette (we promise!)

Our favorite neutral Christmas decor inspiration

Neutral Christmas ornaments

Christmas tree in a bay window
Source: @s.u.s.a.p

Neutral Christmas ornaments are a must when it comes to decorating your cozy home this Christmas. Gone are the days of having to use all-white ornaments to keep it neutral. Using sandy tones with whites and browns helps to create a festive feel while using a nice variety of tones.

Pine cones are a brilliant addition to your Christmas tree decor. This earthy brown friend adds a gorgeous texture and can even be found for free on those frosty winter walks. Pair them with some simple white ornaments and warm LED lights, and you have a beautiful muted Christmas tree to add some warmth to your space.

Want to add some texture to your space? Try adding a sheepskin rug to the base of your tree to soften the room. We love how @s.u.s.a.p has used a variety of rugs and dainty accessories to add dimension to this beautiful set-up. It makes for the perfect set-up for a festive night with hot chocolate and Christmas movies.

Mini neutral Christmas decor

Large Christmas decor pieces can feel a little overwhelming at times. These adorable mini Christmas accessories are the perfect way to add different textures and colors without taking away from your existing decor.

Bottlebrushes are one of our favorite neutral Christmas decor accessories thanks to their earthy tones and versatility. Pair them with some cute knitted stockings and porcelain ornaments, and you’ve created a gorgeous festive set-up, just as @mapleandgrey has. If you want to keep it to an all-white theme this year, then simply swap out the bottle brush trees for your preferred decor piece.

Mini Christmas decor accessories are the perfect piece for those spaces that are lacking some festivity. If your decor is feeling a little off this year, then look out for window spaces or mantelpieces for hidden decor opportunities.

Neutral tree skirts

A skinny Christmas tree by a doorway
Source: @bigredhome

This simple tree accessory is often overlooked, but a tree skirt can really help to blend your festive pieces in with your existing decor. Try matching your tree skirt to nearby ornaments and accessories such as lamps, baskets, or vases.

Not only is a tree skirt a cute addition to your tree, but it’s also perfect for hiding pesky cables and battery packs for your LED lights. @Bigredhome has incorporated this gorgeous gray tree skirt perfectly by choosing similar tones to the existing wallpaper and decorative basket. The gray tones work perfectly together, with the amber-toned lighting bringing some warmth to the space.

Top tip: If your space is feeling a little too cool, try adding some warm-toned lighting with gold or taupe baubles to add some color to your tree while keeping it neutral.

A festive neutral bedroom

Christmas decor doesn’t have to be limited to the living room. Your bedroom is the perfect space to add some subtle neutral Christmas decor this year. Incorporating textured throws and cushions is the perfect way to add some dimension to the room and works great with the festive decor.

When we think of a dreamy Christmas bedroom, this beautiful set up by @copperpointhome is exactly what comes to mind. The combination of dainty silver, white, and green accessories works beautifully to make a beautiful festive headboard. The use of natural green pine throughout works perfectly with a neutral throw to break up the all-white decor.

Here’s our favorite Amazon accessories for building the perfect festive headboard

Winter wonderland centerpiece

A gorgeous Christmas centerpiece brings your dining table to life, but traditional centerpieces can feel a bit bold. Now we know that choosing white and creams can seem a bit too plain but choosing different shades and textures is an easy way to add depth to the all-white theme.

We love the cream floral arrangement in @bayrosecottage‘s dining table. The textured taupe dinner wear pairs beautifully with ribbed glasses to add textures and warmth to the space. Floral arrangements are a great centerpiece option, especially for those craft lovers looking for a decor DIY project this Christmas.

Add some tapered dinner candles to finish the look off perfectly, or opt for your chosen LED candles if you’re looking for flame-free decor this year.

A neutral Christmas nook

Neutral colored blanket in a nook with warm christmas lights
Source: @s.u.s.a.p

When it comes to Christmas decor, a cozy nook is one of our favorite spaces throughout winter and Christmas. This decor idea is great if you’re working with a window bench or a small sitting area with a spare room. Build yourself the perfect space for snuggling up with a hot chocolate or simply to sit and watch the world go by.

We’re obsessed with @s.u.s.a.p‘s use of cream tones and amber lighting to make this window nook feel super warm and welcoming. With windows allowing in the beautiful winter daylight, you can go to town filling your space with your favorite pieces while keeping the area bright and spacious.

When choosing your neutral Christmas decor accessories, try to choose some evergreen pieces like a chunky knit blanket so you can enjoy it all year round. Mixing some super-festive pieces with plain neutral accessories prevents the space from feeling too overwhelmed with Christmas decor.

Neutral Christmas mantelpiece

Whether you’re hosting a holiday party or sharing gifts in your pajamas, the living room holds so many memories. When you think of Christmas living room decor, a tree is usually the first thing that comes to mind, but the mantelpiece is perfect for adding some minimal decorative pieces.

We love this mantelpiece look by @910_nineten_design, the gorgeous aged gold accessories, and greenery come together beautifully. Pairing a pine garland with a simple pine wreath is a brilliant way of filling those blank spaces that are often neglected when it comes to your living room.

Selecting a small color palette is one of the best ways to stick to your neutral theme, simply adding gold, silver, or green to your theme is enough to transform the space. Play around with different accessories and colors until you find the neutral Christmas mantelpiece of your dreams.

Minimally gold

Christmas tree with gold decorations in a room with a wooden floor

If you want to keep it super neutral this year, then all gold decor is a fun way to incorporate festive decor without compromising on your color palette. All white can sometimes lack warmth and leave a space feeling a little cool. Golden tones spread throughout your space help to bring a warm feel to your home.

Pair your chosen gold decor with warm LED lights throughout to curate a gorgeous neutral Christmas vibe. A great way of adding the Christmas feel to your room is to incorporate festive candles into the room. They’re a great way of making a room feel Christmassy without any extra Christmas decor pieces required.

This is our favorite decor idea for rooms with an all-white theme. It helps to bring a warm, cozy feel to your space without overwhelming the room.

Neutral Christmas stockings

White stockings hanging from a wooden mantel

We couldn’t write an article about neutral Christmas decor without including this timeless staple. The beloved Christmas stocking is a long-standing tradition for so many families and is another effortless opportunity to add some Christmas decor that matches the neutral vibe. From a sparkly accent color to a classic knitted stocking, your options are limitless when it comes to Christmas stockings.

Many people choose to hang them on the mantelpiece, if this isn’t an option door handles are a great alternative.

Looking for the perfect neutral Christmas stockings? We’ve shared our favorite Amazon finds below

This post was about the perfect neutral Christmas decor for the festive season.

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