9 brilliant laundry organization hacks

We’ve created the top laundry organization hacks to incorporate into your laundry room and routine for a stress-free laundry day.

Washing machine next to shelving

The washing load is piled high and there are no clean socks to be found – we all know the dreaded feeling of how overwhelming laundry can become. Whether it’s a missed load or you’ve been away on vacation, it’s easy for laundry day to become a mammoth task to tackle. But don’t fret, it’s absolutely possible to make laundry day feel like a breeze for your household.

When it comes to laundry organization, there are so many factors that are often overlooked. You could be living in a small apartment, struggling with laundry storage, or just feeling a little disorganized with your current laundry room set-up. If this feels a little too familiar, then a laundry routine freshen-up could be overdue.

Looking for the best laundry organization hacks to declutter and organize your laundry room? Use these 9 great hacks to take your laundry organization to the next level.

Our favorite laundry organization hacks

Space-saving shelving

Wooden shelving above a washing machine

Keeping your laundry area organized can be a real challenge when working with small spaces. But this doesn’t have to be the case. Using wall space is the best way to incorporate handy storage for your laundry. This space-saving shelving is perfect for minimizing clutter and gives a great open space for sorting, washing, ironing, and folding.

Choosing a neutral shelf color is a great way to brighten up your small space and leaves the perfect blank canvas to add decor to any spare shelf space. The open-plan feel of this setup prevents the room from feeling overcrowded or dark.

How to optimize shelving in your laundry room

  • Place essentials such as laundry detergent, steamers, and dryer balls in an easy-to-reach area.
  • Add a framed copy of our free laundry care print to your shelf to serve as the perfect reminder to double-check each item’s needs. This will help to give your clothes a longer life by avoiding any mishaps.
  • Add greenery or extra decor to brighten up your space, a laundry area can always be incorporated into your existing decor.

Dryer balls

Wool dryer balls in a wicker basket
Source: MyChiby

Dryer Balls are one of our favorite laundry organization hacks and are rapidly growing in popularity thanks to their many benefits when it comes to drying laundry. These handy fluffy friends are not only great for shortening drying time, but they serve as a cute decor piece. Simply pair them with a wicker basket for storage, and you’ve got a new decor piece to make your laundry room feel cute and cozy.

What are the benefits of dryer balls?

  • They help to reduce static in clothing, so no more wild hair days!
  • They help to shorten the drying time of clothes
  • They’re a super affordable & re-usable option

There are hundreds of dryer balls out there, but wool dryer balls are a great long-term and eco-friendly option. You can purchase the exact XL Dryer Balls pictured above here from MyChiby‘ Etsy store.


White shelving with white shirts hanging above

So you’ve added some shelving to your laundry area, but you’re still feeling squeezed for space? Storage baskets are your best friend when it comes to adding a tonne of storage but keeping it cute.

Wicker baskets are great for adding texture to a neutral room while making it so much easier to find exactly what you’re looking for. Yes, we’re obsessed with them for their gorgeous Scandi look, but they look great.

This simple laundry organization hack will save you a tonne of time, not having to rummage through cupboards or crowded shelves.

Want to level up your organization even further? Add dividers into each basket to make the most of them, this is a great hack for small apartments or spaces with extremely limited laundry room storage.


We love using storage baskets to keep our laundry area neat and organized. But if you want to level up your storage a little further, try using basket labels. This nifty hack helps make doing laundry feel effortless.

Cute basket labels fit perfectly with the neutral decor and make it quick and simple to find exactly what you’re looking for. You can organize to your heart’s content, separating your essentials as much or as little as you like.

We’ve listed some simple Amazon Label making options below:

Minimalistic Laundry Jar Labels

SUPVAN E10 Bluetooth Label Maker Machine with Tape

Laundry care symbols – FREE PRINT

Laundry Symbol print in a black frame

If you’ve ever washed one of your favorite new outfits, only to find that the colors have run or the fabric has shrunk, then this hack is exactly what you’ve been missing.

Why are laundry symbols important?

Laundry symbols help to avoid shrinkage, color spills, and any harm to fabrics by sharing the manufacturer’s care instructions with you.

Understanding laundry care symbols can be make-or-break when it comes to the fate of your clothes, and memorizing all the symbols isn’t something on all of our to-do lists. To tackle this, we’ve created this free laundry care print download to prevent any laundry catastrophes.

Pairing the print with a neutral-colored frame is a great way to incorporate this with your decor as a cute and functional laundry room print.

Amazon Neutral frame options:

upsimples A4 Picture Frame, Display Pictures 6×8

KINLINK A4 Picture Frames Black, Photo Frames with Real Glass for Picture 6×8 

Lost socks laundry sign with basket

Laundry room organization doesn’t have to be boring, this lost socks laundry sign and basket is the perfect piece for adding a unique decor piece with functionality. Those pesky lost socks won’t be without their missing half for long.

With this cute decor piece, you’ll even be adding to your rainy day fund with the “keep the change” pot for all those coins buried deep in your pockets. If you’re looking for a renter-friendly option for hanging this sign, you can opt to use command strips to prevent any nails or holes in your walls.

You can find this exact laundry room sign combo here on HomesweetsignsNH’ Etsy store.

Glass organization jars

Using glass jars for your products is another great laundry organization hack that is skyrocketing in popularity. These minimal glass jars are perfect for decanting your products out of their bulky packaging and having quick, easy access to all the essentials. They remove the need to have an eyesore of plastic bottles and tubs on the countertop, leaving you more room to work with.

Adding labels to your jars is a great way to make the most of this hack. Not only are they helpful, but they also look great.

Etsy & Amazon have some great options to choose from whether you’re looking for simple and minimal or bold and colorful labels.

Wall-mounted ironing board

Folding ironing board above a washing machine

If you live in a small apartment then you’ll know that finding enough storage space for ironing boards, irons, and steamers can be a challenge. This next laundry organization hack is the perfect solution.

Wall-mounted ironing boards are great for not only saving space, but also for creating a laundry organization station. Placing it nearby to your washer gives you the perfect set-up for ironing clothes straight from the dryer.

Want to make doing the laundry even easier? Install a rail above the washer to give you a complete set-up for washing, drying, ironing, and hanging all in one area. This Laundry Organization Hack is a simple but game-changing way to make life easier, especially for those big laundry loads that we all dread.

Pre-sort with washing hampers

Rope washing hampers on a wooden floor

If you’ve ever let a bright-colored sock slip into the whitewash, then you know just how frustrating this can be. Using multiple clothes hampers is one of the best ways to take the stress out of organizing your laundry.

Throwing all the laundry into one hamper can make the laundry load feel overwhelming and chaotic. If you’re looking for a streamlined option, a divided hamper may be right for you. Divided hampers allow you to separate the dark and lights prior to washing while taking up less space.

How to make the most of laundry hampers:

  • A hamper per color, no more running the risk of washing a fluorescent red sock with your pristine whites
  • A hamper per person, place a hamper in each person’s bedroom and rotate the loads on different days
  • A hamper per room. If you’re a small household, this can make laundry seem less over-whelming by washing different rooms’ hampers on different days

Whether you’re preparing for your spring-clean or want to feel prepared for the year from January 1st, we hope you’ve found some tips to take away with you.

This post was about 9 brilliant Laundry organization hacks.

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