15 festive Christmas decor ideas for small spaces

When decorating small spaces, getting creative is crucial, and we’ll be doing just that with these small space Christmas decor ideas.

Christmas stockings hanging from a mantle

Searching for some cute Christmas decor ideas for small spaces to get into the festive spirit? Living in a small space doesn’t have to stop you from creating a cozy festive atmosphere to enjoy this Christmas.

When it comes to decorating small spaces getting creative is crucial, and we’ll be doing just that with these small-space Christmas decor ideas.

Things to remember when planning Christmas decor ideas for small spaces

  • Avoid adding too many large items as this can make the space feel crowded
  • Opt for warm lighting over cool white lighting, this will help give your small space a cozy feel
  • Don’t forget about affordable DIY Christmas Decor, this is a great way to decorate on a budget without the need to keep the decor for years to come.

Whether you’re looking for inspiration for studio apartment Christmas decor or you feel like you’re missing the final touches for your festive space, we’ve got you covered in this article.

Our favorite Christmas decor ideas for small spaces

Small Christmas trees

Christmas tree in the corner of a living room

Mini Christmas trees have become increasingly popular over the recent years. The adorable space-saving decor is ideal for small apartments or studio apartments and helps to give a festive feel. Small Christmas trees are a great way to save space while still having some creative fun.

There are plenty of decor options to pair with your tree. You can opt for miniature baubles to keep a classic feel or get creative with some DIY decor like paper chains and snowflakes.

Here are our favourite Amazon finds for mini Christmas tree decor

Full-sized Christmas trees

Large Christmas tree in living room with presents

This one might seem like a silly idea for smaller spaces but hear us out. If you’re working with a small space then opting for a large Christmas tree is a great idea.

Using this as your only decoration is a brilliant way to fill a room with the festive feeling. Choosing a large tree adds a statement piece to the room. But also gives you a blank canvas for your Christmas decor theme.

If you want to fill the space with some cute props then make use of any old boxes by wrapping them in brown paper and placing them beneath the tree. Or simply watch the gifts pile up under the tree as Christmas day approaches.

This is the perfect Christmas decor idea for small spaces if you want to keep it simple but festive this year.

Window Christmas decor

Christmas lights on a window

Filling your windows with Christmas decor is a brilliant way to spread the Christmas cheer both in and outside your home.

If you have some extra shelf space try adding some bottle brush trees to add a quirky Christmas ornament. For something more simple add some battery-operated tea lights for a warm festive hello for guests or passers-by.

Amazon has some amazing window decor, we’ve listed some of our favorite finds below.

Balcony decorations

A balcony is one of our absolute favorite spaces to decorate with Christmas decor. With it usually being the chilliest space in your home it’s perfect for making a cozy space to snuggle up with a hot chocolate.

The best part about decorating this space is you can often reuse items you already have in your home. Some standouts are fluffy blankets and candles (the cozy staples). We love how @s.u.s.a.p has created such a warm inviting space using pinecones and fairy lights for this cute balcony set up.

If you don’t have a balcony space to work with, the same applies to your indoor couch area. So pile up those fluffy blankets and build the perfect nook to come home and snuggle in.

Decorating indoor doors

Christmas wreath made from twigs and pine cones hanging from a door knocker

Looking for a fun DIY Christmas decor idea? You’ll certainly want to add this one to your small space Christmas decor list. Door decorations are an amazing way to bring the Christmas spirit to a room on a budget.

The options are endless when it comes to designing your door decor. You can go for a classic indoor wreath or you could build a DIY paper tree for the back of the door. It gives the perfect opportunity to make the most of those adorable photos with family and friends that simply aren’t seen enough.

If you’re looking to have some festive fun with little ones then this DIY Felt Christmas Tree could be the perfect alternative for you to get your little elves involved. So grab your arts & crafts and let your imagination run wild with this one!

Festive candles

Dark candle on a fur blanket with fairy lights

Purely decorative pieces are what come to mind when we think of Christmas decor. But adding a festive scent to the room is a must. There’s nothing quite like those Christmas scents to put you in the festive mood.

We all know what springs to mind when we smell peppermint, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Not only is this the perfect addition for Christmas decor but a spicy warm candle is a staple for having a cozy space for winter time.

If you’re stuck on which scent to go for, don’t panic we’ve got some great options below

  • Spiced Orange
  • Apple & Cinnamon
  • Cedarwood
  • Pumpkin spice

A festive bar cart

Dressing up your bar cart is a super easy way to incorporate some festive decor. You could opt for a simple option of swapping out your typical garnishes with candy canes. If you want to ramp up your Christmas decor then add something extra. Like these adorable Christmas trees and fluffy snowball decorations to your cart like @homebykmb has.

Fun DIY idea: Make some DIY cute Santa hats to decorate each liquor bottle top and wrap a ribbon around the bottleneck to finish it off. Check out our best Christmas bar cart decor ideas to inspire your gorgeous cart this year.

Using existing decor

White jug with branch of pine tree in

When it comes to Christmas decor ideas for small spaces, sometimes less is more, especially if you’re working on a budget. There are plenty of items that you already own with bundles of DIY potential.

Conifer needles are a great way to add some festive greenery to your decor, without the chaotic shedding that pine leaves bring. Simply add them to your favorite gravy jug with some leftover ribbon from gifts and you have a classic Christmas decor piece.

Looking for a simpler idea with less effort? Swap out your typical cookies or snacks in your jars to festive cookies or treats and add some fairy lights around the jar. Cute Christmas decor doesn’t have to be expensive and complicated, sometimes a simpler setup truly is best for your small space.

Shelves & mantlpieces

Decorated mantel in a living room

There are so many spaces that are forgotten about when it comes to Christmas decor. Floors, mantlepieces, and shelves are all ideal decor spaces.

The best part about these spaces is that often the simplest of decor makes the biggest difference. Adding tinsel and greenery on shelving can completely transform the feel of a room with minimal effort.

Pair this with your favorite Christmas candle and a festive floral arrangement for the perfect small-space Christmas decor piece.

Perfect areas for adding some decor

  • Shelves
  • Kitchen Countertops
  • Desks
  • Bed headboards

A festive porch

Presents under a door with a wreath

If you have a little porch space to work with then a Christmas wreath is a no-brainer. The festive arrangements are a well-known Christmas decor staple and have evolved so much over the years.

Whether you love a traditional deep green wreath or are looking to incorporate a modern spin, there are countless options.

The festivity doesn’t stop there when it comes to porches, you could also add a cute Christmas welcome doormat alongside this LED Christmas gift boxes set. Living in an apartment or bedroom? This is the perfect opportunity to get stuck in with the fun with indoor door decorations.

Adding festive colors into your decor

Red Christmas decorations on a dining table

As much as we all love bold Christmas decor, we also love knowing that decor can be used all year round. Opting for festive colored decor in your home that can be used all year round like this beautiful table set up.

The berry red colors bring a warm Christmas vibe to the room while having the ability to be used all year round within any existing decor. Not all small apartment Christmas decor needs to be reserved for Christmas and this festive colour palette gives plenty of options to choose from.

Ceiling Christmas decor

Mistletoe hanging from wooden rafter in kitchen

Working with an extremely small living space? Don’t panic, you can make the most of ceiling space. If you’re looking for studio apartment Christmas decor or live in a single room then this option is perfect. Ceiling space is often forgotten about but is something that almost all of our homes have to offer.

A simple affordable favourite of ours is good old mistletoe. This classic Christmas decor never fails to add a festive feel to a room.

Bonus tip: Make the most of a budget by buying artificial mistletoe, this timeless Christmas decor can then be used each year.

Don’t forget wall space

Christmas tree made of branches on a wall

For rooms squeezed for space, making use of wall space is the perfect way to incorporate some Christmas decor. There are plenty of options when it comes to decorating walls and it makes for a fun festive activity with our friends and family.

Love creating DIY Christmas decor? Take the opportunity to completely freestyle your design. If you’re looking for effortless small-space Christmas decor then a handy option is to find a pre-made hanging Christmas Tree.

You’ll find plenty of adorable hanging tree options on Amazon. This is a perfect option for renters as you can decorate your small space freely with command strips.

Extra Tip: Finish off your hanging tree decor with some warm wireless fairy lights to create a cozy atmosphere in the evenings.

Upgrading floral arrangements

Dining table with plates and Christmas floral arrangement

Whether you’re adding them as a centerpiece or putting them on your mantle piece, floral arrangements bring a fresh feel to your small space Christmas decor. We love this idea as a year-round piece of decor, thanks to its transitional colors.

Floral arrangements are a great way to add splashes of color that you love but may not have added to your Christmas decor yet. If you’re a lover of fresh flowers then this is a perfect opportunity to take your festive favorites and dry them in the new year.

Adding ornaments

Twigs in a ceramic vase with xmas decorations and xmas tree in the background

This final Christmas decor idea for small spaces is super minimal and ideal if you’re looking for a minimalist Christmas theme this year. Stem arrangements have become increasingly popular thanks to their longevity and timeless feel when it comes to interior design.

By adding some dainty Christmas ornaments or DIY ornaments you can give a subtle Christmas feel to your decor without any traditional colours or pieces required.

These Honeycomb Paper Ornaments are perfect for adding some lightweight decor to your stems while keeping the minimalist or neutral feel to your space.

This post was about 15 Festive Christmas Decor Ideas For Small Spaces.

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